Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 21 - Harp/Blues Festival

I went to the Harp Festival in La Mesa today and had a great time. It's harmonica harps and the music was blues. Yesterday I helped a friend make 20 lbs of awesome homemade potato salad that went behind the scenes with the food for the musicians. Today I spelled the helpers selling burgers a little but mostly got to sit and enjoy the music, which was great!

I brought my sketching and painting stuff just in case, so I drew a little scene from the festival and added watercolor. Since we were early to help set up, we got a great central location for our chairs, but that meant the sound engineer's equipment blocked part of the view of the stage; next year I will move over a little bit so I can see the stage, or at least the center of the stage. I rarely had a good view of the lead player/singer.

Clearly I need more practice with both drawing and painting, but for me, it's a pretty good job. The musicians did have feet, but I washed them away when I went in with the background wash and a slightly darker wash to make a shadow for them. The more I tried to fix it the worse it got so I gave up and all I can say is that the bass player was wearing boots and the guy playing the harmonica did not have pigeon-toed clown feet. :-)
Go make art!