Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Harp Fest

Every year I enjoy going to the Spring Harp Fest - a celebration of harmonica music - primarily blues harmonica. It is great fun and I love the music. This year I couldn't stay as long as I usually do because I had other things to do. But I did help a friend make the delicious homemade potato salad that they were serving up. If you ever get a chance to go, please do.  When I was sketching this, I was in the back where I could get some shade, though it wasn't too hot. On the other side of the people and tents is the amphitheater where the music was happening. There were lots more people there, but I'm not comfortable with drawing people, so you only see a few. I'm trying to learn to sketch faster too and not be too fussy with details. I actually did most of it with watercolor only, then added pen and more watercolor later.

I forgot to take note of who this is, but it was mighty fine music.

Go make art!