Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 169 - Rabbit Rowing a Dragon Boat

This is one of my favorite matchbox labels although I'm not sure of the symbolism. Rabbits are associated with the moon in Chinese mythology and folktales. Although I think that is really supposed to be the sun; when I see rabbits in Chinese art I automatically think of the moon. Then there is a romantic story that goes with the dragon boat races that are held in early summer (Wikipedia), of an exiled official turned poet who commits suicide in a river. The local people jumped into their boats and raced out to save him but were too late. Because dragons are thought to control water, the boats all have a dragon prow as this boat does. Then there is also the fact that the Dragon year follows the Rabbit year in the Chinese zodiac, so perhaps the rabbit is bringing in the dragon.
Matchbox label, specialty papers, embellishments.
Go make art!