Saturday, January 31, 2015

Process not Product

When I make a painting or collage, I find that if I worry about the end product, I rarely produce something I like. But if I just enjoy the process and just keep working on ideas and "what-ifs", I usually end up with something I really like; something that is nowhere near what I might have imagined the finished product to be.

I made this image (text is digital) as a reminder of one of the things I learned in the class I mentioned before, Learning How to Learn, where one of the things mentioned was to focus on the process (studying) not the product (the finished homework). It does help to reduce the anxiety that fuels procrastination.

The background is a detail of one of my favorite paintings I made a few years back. This is something I played with quite a bit, adding a number of layers of sheer and transparent colors and textures. Then on the advice of my teacher Chris Cozen, I added that lifesaving essential color, Naphthol Red Light.
Go make art!