Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 104 - Hummingbird Dreams

I think I've mentioned how much I like birds. I have 2 hummingbird feeders that I've rigged up so that the orioles can use them too. At this time of year I use about 1/2 gallon a week of nectar. Soon the baby orioles will fledge and be full-grown and I will be very busy filling the feeders! This year I seem to have more hummingbirds than in the last few years. I feed regular wild bird seed for the finches, doves and towhees, primarily. I also have finch socks with nyjer thistle for the goldfinches. There are not nearly as many goldfinches (we have the Lesser Goldfinches here) as there has been in the past, so that's kind of sad. I have no idea why. The wildfires in 2007 reduced the population somewhat but they seem to be steadily declining in my yard.
Specialty papers, embellishments.
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