Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 65 - Prize Petunias

Grow more flowers! Then you too can have the pleasure of fighting off nasty snails and slugs for weeks on end so you can have flowers like this crazy petunia in your garden. Seriously, this petunia has flowers that look like Martha Washington geraniums. Most of my yard has more snail-resistant plants like real geraniums, agapanthus, bamboo, juniper and stuff like that. I don't like putting out snail bait because the birds often eat it by accident. But the little trays of beer don't stand up to the massive assault of snails in my garden (I would seriously need a moat), and getting up at dawn to go pick snails out of the garden gets old really fast. I have a small patch near my front door I like to brighten up with annuals, but in the past I always lost the battle with the snails. Not this year! I found a snailicide (is that a word?) called Deadline. It is a thick liquid you put on the ground around your delicate plants. I like it because even though it is still a poison, I only need to put it around the plants the snails like to eat, like petunias and lobelias and other annuals. So far it's been very effective.
Painted paper, photo, specialty papers.
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