Saturday, March 5, 2016

Recent Sketches

 I didn't do much sketching last fall; seems I was really busy and then I didn't like what I had done. This year is looking a little better. The sketch above is from the Urban Sketcher meetup near the Kensington sign in San Diego. This is a cute little cafe across the street from the park.

One thing I have been doing differently that I think is working out well is to paint the watercolor directly, with no sketching or pencil. Large shapes are blocked in with very light watercolor, then shading is built up with successive layers of more color and more detail. All three of these sketches were done that way. I think the hardest part for me is to stay focused and don't get impatient. I find I run out of energy to continue after about an hour; then I get lazy and stop really looking at what I am painting. I need to stop at that point, instead of continuing to mess with the picture.

This is from the new outdoor art exhibit from the San DIego Museum of Art in the Plaza de Panama area of Balboa Park. I wrote Art in the Park but that isn't the right name, it's Art of the Open Air, part of the #freetheart campaign. There are a number of wonderful pieces, including a Rodin and Miró. I like this one by Lynn Chadwick, The Watchers. 

This is one where I should have quit earlier. I got tired before I did the ground and colored cement areas, so they don't look right at all; with no perspective at all. Very strange-looking. However, I love this paper, in spite of the fact that it isn't really made for watercolors. It is available here, and is called Annigoni, as it was made to the specifications of Pietro Annigoni, who I think used it primarily for sketching, studies, and printmaking. Perhaps I like it because I'm not a traditional watercolorist, I don't know. It has a beige-gray color and just a little texture, but I like the way it takes the watercolor paints. You should give it a try!
Go make art!