Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Balboa Park Sketchcrawls

I have gotten quite behind on this blog! Here are some of the pictures I made from several sketchcrawls in Balboa Park in the last 2 months. This first one is the first time I tried to do negative painting. In other words, I painted the background first to outline the thing that probably wasn't really a fountain ever, but from my viewpoint, looked like a broken-down fountain. I liked the results too much to add any pen & ink details like I usually do. I think this was from June 5.

The bell tower from Alcazar Garden, which is a lovely garden that we like to go to regularly.
On this day, we had a small group meeting across from the Zoro butterfly garden. I made this quick watercolor sloppy sketch of the information booth.
From the same bench, I did this drawing of the palm trees by the Museum of Photographic Arts. I got very lazy with the background.
Since I was already at Balboa Park, I wandered over to the Japanese Friendship Gardens and did this sketch of the Koi pond. It was a long day. I did one more drawing that day, but I don't like it, so it's not here.
This is some strange cactus/succulent thing in Spanish Village. The edges of all the leaves were kind of dried out and the thing was just very bizarre. I added a small branch of another succulent growing next to it.
Finally we went to the gardens of the Marsten House, a beautiful location.
Go make art!