Thursday, April 26, 2012

Etegami Card - Cup of Tea

So it's not an ATC, get over it. This is my first real etegami (Japanese: "picture message"), done on a postcard from my Maruman postcard gasen book. Gasen is a special kind of Japanese paper that has some bleed to it. I blogged about Etegami papers here, before I got this gasen book. I think this paper is very good for beginner etegami artists because it is a little easier to control the water than the other kinds of etegami papers. I'm not sure exactly how I learned about etegami, but I think I can blame my friend Rachel, who has also got me hooked on Noodler's fountain pens and inks. The best place to learn about etegami, and see some wonderful pictures, is Dosanko Debbie's blog. She is wonderfully prolific with etegami. Here is a set of etegami that I bought from Debbie. There is also an Etegami Fun Club on Facebook.

Update - I'm not as enamored of this paper for making a more "typical" etegami, as it doesn't have any sideways bleed (nijimi). With a regular brushload of color, it doesn't spread properly the way a good etegami washi paper should. However, it is very nice for my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy, which I used for the drawing here. Also, it did well with my Niji waterbrush, which holds a limited amount of water. This makes it harder to cover a large area, but the color doesn't puddle and cause the paper to pill.

I have a bunch of ATCs that I haven't had a chance to scan and post. Soon...
Go make art!