Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 181 - Tot Lot Trash Can

Our weekday sketchcrawl group met at the Tot Lot in Pepper Grove of Balboa Park. There are many things  to sketch but we joke about sketching trash cans. They are usually the easiest and least-intimidating thing to sketch. Several of us usually warm up by sketching the trash cans - then some of us don't finish anything else, so we are collecting drawings of all the different trash cans of Balboa Park. On this day I had just gotten my Japanese brush pen that is kind of like a fountain pen except that it is a brush instead of a nib. So my sketch was done without pencil, just my brush pen and watercolor.

I have also been recently introduced to the Japanese art of Etegami which is somewhat hard to explain but involves postcards with handmade pictures/paintings and words on the picture too. See Dosanko Debbie's Etegami Notebook if you are interested in learning more about it. That was the reason behind the writing on the card, although I seriously need to practice writing legibly with a brush. I also made my first etegami which you shall see soon; I think it needs to be immortalized onto an ATC.

Ink, watercolor.
Go make art!